Meeder Development

Meeder Development & Meedcor Realty
are Commercial Real Estate Marketing and Development Companies
specializing in urban properties in Lancaster City and County.

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John Meeder Profile
Owner and President

The Basics
Family Status: Married with two Children
Home: Manheim Township, Lancaster, PA
Age: Born 1954 in Western PA
Business: Owner Meeder Development Corporation and Meedcor Realty

Sixty Second Interview (What you might want to know.)
Where did you come from?
I grew up in Gibsonia, just outside of Mars in Western Pennsylvania. I still think of it as home and am related to a lot of folks from there.What is your education?
I graduated from Pine-Richland High School in 1972 and graduated from Clarion University with a Liberal Arts Degree in Music in 1977.

What gets you excited?
I get fulfillment from anything that has to do with my family and I totally enjoy and am committed to Christian Fellowship and Youth work.I have always loved singing, especially opera, but also enjoy barbershop, musical theater, and recital work.

Why real estate?
I worked my way through college working for major real estate developers doing line striping on parking lots. My father sold real estate and I have always had an interest in it. Developing real estate is a very creative process and requires a lot of personal contact. I totally enjoy working with people to meet their needs. I also like the challenge of creatively figuring out the solution for a tough real estate problem.

What is your Favorite Real Estate Project?
City Crossings was the most challenging project I have completed to date. It had everything; major environmental remediation, a burned-out hulk of a property, federal government mortgage that had to be purchased, an expanding under-funded non-profit as a lead use, 11 separate sources of financing. It made a major impact on the City of Lancaster and to almost everyone involved with the project. A close second is the Christian Street Court that Godfrey Advertising anchors. The uniqueness of this property and the fulfilling of the vision for that property make it a winner.

What is your favorite role in opera?
“Figaro” in the Barbiere di Siviglia is my favorite role to date. Figaro could have been a real estate developer. The role I would love to play is “iago” in Otello.

What other things would surprise people about you?
I can ride the unicycle, have raised over 100 dogs, owned over 30 cars with most of them being vintage Cadillacs and Volkswagens, and was originally a Tuba Major in College.